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    FOUR Step Process!!!!!!!!!!                      WVM Alert OPT IN Registration                     Questions? See FAQ Page

    Read carefully before proceeding                      

    1. Fill in your contact information on the Registration mask. Students, Faculty and Full-Time Staff already have accounts. See FAQ for details.

    2. Once you have created your account, you must VERIFY YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER. Follow the prompts on the Account mask. You'll be sent an email with a PIN number that needs to be entered on the mask.Text messages are the fastest way to send out campus emergency messages.

    3. Next step is not obvious.  ADD YOURSELF TO A GROUP under the GROUPS tab at the top of your Account page.  The groups are the places where you spend your time. It's how WVM-Alert knows where you are.  Choices are West Valley College, Mission College or you may pick both. Pick the "Actions" button then on the next page scroll down to the TINY LITTLE "JOIN" and click it.  If you do not add yourself to a group, you will not receive messages!  

    4. Finally, create a contact called “WVM Alert” 408-855-5444 on your smart phone.  All WVM Alerts will come from this number.

    Questions? Check the FAQ page above or email wvm.Alert@wvm.edu or call West Valley-Mission Community College District Emergency Coordinator 408-741-2676.   NOTE: On July 1, 2015, RAVE Mobile Safety was contracted by the District as the notification platform to support campus emergency messages.  RAVE does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details. Once registered, you can opt out of SMS messages at any time by texting STOP to 226787, 67283, 78015, or 81437 and 22911.  2/2/17