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    Welcome to the Wheelock College Emergency Alert page. Wheelock uses RaveAlert to provide its emergency communication system. 

    It is important that your information is up-to-date so you may receive emergency notifications including school closings.

    Log in Instructions:

    For students, please enter firstname.lastname (you do not need in the Username field and then enter your password in the password field. 


    Username: lucy.wheelock

    llllllll: please enter your Wheelock password

    Click the "log in" button

    For faculty/staff, please enter firstinitiallastname (you do not need in the Username field and then enter your password in the password field.


    Username: lwheelock

    llllllll: please enter your Wheelock password

    Click the "log in" button

    If logging in for the first time, you may be asked to register your name, Wheelock email address, mobile phone number, and an additional "preferred" email address (not required).  Please accept the terms and conditions. 

    If you are not asked to register, please accept the terms and conditions. 

    After accepting the terms and conditions, you may then go to the "My Account" tab to verify your mobile phone, and enter up to 2 additional mobile phone numbers, up to 3 additional voice phone numbers, and up to 2 additional email addresses where you'd like to receive emergency notifications.

    Information about Emergency Notifications:

    ü   Please note: You will always receive a notification to your registered Wheelock email address.

    ü  For snow closings, you will be contacted by email to your Wheelock address, voice message and/or text message to your primary phone number you provide. Although the timing may vary depending on the circumstances, snow closing alerts usually will be sent between 6am - 7am on the day of the closure.


    ü  For emergency notifications, such as safety alerts or emergency instructions, you will be notified at all the phone, text, and email addresses you provided. These messages may be sent at anytime, day or night.

    ü  Please use the additional phone numbers and email addresses either for yourself or if you would like others, such as family members, to receive emergency notifications.


    You cannot completely opt-out of receiving broadcast alerts. You may express a preference for receiving alerts via text message, email, OR both.  You will always receive, at minimum, an email at your registered Wheelock email address.  If you do not specify otherwise, you will also receive messages at the phone numbers and other email addresses listed in your record.


    We encourage you to enable as many Broadcast Alert methods as possible to increase the likelihood of receiving a given Broadcast Alert message.



    Other Useful Information:


    The “registration email address” is your Wheelock email and will be automatically placed into the system.  A “preferred email address” is a different email you’d like to be contacted at.  The “preferred email address” cannot be the same as the “registered email address.”


    For your primary mobile phone (Mobile Contact 1), you will be prompted to confirm the number by receiving a SMS (text) message, which has a 4-digit code, which verifies the carrier and phone number. If you do not receive this message, please follow the directions found in the Help section of the RaveAlert site. Please note that standard text messaging fees will apply. Messages may come from 67283 or 226787.


    For alerts including a voice component (as most do), you do have some control over delivery. You can choose whether voice alerts are sent to a particular mobile phone by visiting the My Account tab, and clicking the Edit link associated with your Mobile Contact. Click the Enable Voice Message Delivery checkbox to turn on voice alert delivery for the selected phone.


    If you wish to receive ONLY voice messages on a particular mobile device, add the phone number to the list of Voice Only Line Contacts within the My Account tab. When a mobile phone number is listed as a Voice Only Line Contact, it will receive voice messages only, not a text message.


    If you wish to opt out of receiving text messages on your mobile phone: Text STOP to 67283 or 226787 from your registered mobile phone. You will no longer receive ANY messages from Rave Alert. Use the STOP command with caution, as this will also block delivery of Broadcast Alert messages.



    It is important to note that RaveAlert and Wheelock College do not sell or share your emergency contact information with others, and everything is kept in strict confidence. Your safety and well-being is very important to us and we appreciate you taking the time to provide your information. Thank you for your participation!


    If you have any questions, please contact or call 617-879-2002.