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    West Shore Community College has implemented an emergency notification system, powered by RAVE Mobile Safety.  The system allows the College to send emergency notification messages to all registered faculty, staff, and students during a crisis or emergency, such as fire, severe storm warning, shooter on campus, etc.  The RAVE ENS system will be capable of delivering messages to your WSCC and personal email addresses, as well as texting to your cell phone.

    We have enrolled you in the program at no additional expense to you. We encourage you to login to the RAVE Mobile Safety site to confirm your contact information and choose your notification preferences; text and or email. (Note that your cellular phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone). Once registered, you can opt out of SMS messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787

    You will need to sign in using your current WSCC email address and current network password.  You will then be prompted to complete the registration process.  Once logged in, you can manage your account and can update your Rave profile as often as you like, and should do so each time your contact numbers change. Be sure to keep this information current at all times.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the legitimacy of this email, please contact Craig Peterson, Media Services at 231.843.5920 or email at  Thank you for making WSCC a safer environment for all.