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    Welcome to the UTC-ALERT SMS Message Registration Page. 

    UTC-ALERT is the system used to provide information related to the safety, security, and current operations of the campus. Information is provide in a variety of ways including

    • SMS Text Messaging
    • Website postings
    • Social media including the official UTC Facebook and Twitter feeds
    • Alerting beacons in classrooms
    • Fire alarms
    • Other means when appropriate

    Which of these methods is used depends on the importance of the information. Critical information may be delivered by any means necessary while less urgent information may be sent via e-mail only.

    To receive the SMS-text messages you must register using this site. To keep your family informed you may register up to three phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

    Important Facts
    • UTC-ALERT does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details.
    • UTC-ALERT is never used to send any type of marketing or other information. It is also never used for sending academic or other University news or information. The University has other methods for distributing this information.
    • The UTC-ALERT data base (phone numbers and e-mail addresses) is never sold or otherwise transferred to anyone else for any reason. It is used solely to deliver information related to the safety and security of the campus.
    • If you change phone numbers your UTC-ALERTS text messages will not follow you. You must register the new number. (And don’t forget to cancel the registration for the old number.)

    Leaving the System
    When you leave the University or change phone numbers you can take a number out of the system by simply texting STOP to 67283 or 226787. You can also take yourself out of the system by responding to a UTC-ALERT text message with the word STOP. Finally, you can ask to be removed by contacting the Office of Emergency Management at or call 423-425-2297.

    Removing yourself from the system will stop the SMS text messages and e-mail generated by the UTC-ALERTS data base. You will still continue to receive e-mail from UTC-URGENT and UTC-SAFE-AND-SECURE as long as your UTC-ID is active.