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    Welcome to FSU Communications
    Fayetteville State University continues to be a leader amongst higher education institutions in utilizing mobile technology for students to assist them in all aspects of campus life. Through our partnership with Rave Wireless, Inc., we provide safety, academic and auxiliary applications through use of the voice, text and data capabilities of today's wireless carriers.
    Here is an overview of all the greatest applications:
    1. Registration and Sign-on
    To register for FSU Communications, all you need to know is your FSU ID and password.
    2. FSU Alerts
    Rave alerts is the primary mobile communications tool at Fayetteville State University to notify students in emergency situations as well as other vital scenarios that might impact students while on campus.  Once you register your mobile phone and e-mail address, all broadcast alerts for situations including school closings, power outages, security threats, weather hazards, evacuations, and natural disasters will be texted to your phone or e-mail to your preferred e-mail address, or both.
    3. Guardian
    Guardian is the award-winning safety application that makes your safe campus here at Fayetteville State University safer.  To learn more about Guardian, click the link below to watch a short video.
    4. Other applications
    Other mobile applications, such as Blackboard, flash cards, groups, and University specific info sites will be available through FSU Communication and accessible through all carriers and most cell phones.