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    Welcome to the login page for Sampson Community College's VikingWire alert system!

    As a Viking here at SCC you are automatically enrolled into this system at no additional charge.

    To take full advantage please be sure to add a Mobile Phone Number to your account and check the Opt-in list tab to subscribe/unsubscribe to the News & Updates system for VikingWire. You can also Opt-In to the News & Updates list by texting the word vikingwire to 67283.

    What the VikingWire System will notify you about:

    1. Emergencies effecting the campus.

    2. Registration deadlines (optional through opt-in lists)

    3. Campus events (optional through opt-in lists)

    For emergency logins click here! (Admins Only)


    For questions about logging in, setting up your account, or any problems that occur please contact:

    David Lockwood - Computer Systems Technician or 1 (910) 900-4402