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    Register here for Rave Guardian.

    Rave Guardian is a safety feature being provided for you free of charge by MICA.  Rave Guardian transforms your mobile phone into a personal alarm beacon. In the event of an emergency, critical information you elect to share will be provided to MICA Campus Safety to help them more quickly respond and help you.  Take a moment to register now. 


    Is Guardian easy to use?
    Yes, all you need to do is register once and then save the Guardian phone numbers into your phone.

    Does Rave Guardian require users to have a certain kind of phone?
    No, Guardian works on any phone and any carrier.

    Is Rave Guardian always tracking me?
    No, your privacy is of utmost importance. You can only be located if you have asked for help and Rave Guardian is only enabled when you choose to activate an alarm on your phone.

    Can Campus Safety track me whenever they want?
    No, Campus Safety will only be able to obtain your information if you have asked for help. Rave Guardian is only activated when you chose to activate it on your phone.

    Will Rave Guardian let other people like my family or friends track me?
    No, never. Only Campus Safety will ever have access to your information and only when you allow it.

    How does my profile information get collected and sent to Campus Safety?
    You will opt-in to this service and provide as much as possible as part of the registration process.